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Staff : Listing
Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.


Staff list
Name Email Phone
Garrett Woodrow Johnson unavailable
Jeriann Evanna Jones unavailable

Education Abroad, Advisors

Staff list
Responsible for:
  • student advising on education abroad options at UGA;
  • student support before, during and after education abroad;
  • marketing education abroad on campus;
  • training and support student staff, including Junior Advisors;
  • coordination of workshops and certificates pertaining to education abroad;
  • organization of various education abroad events;
  • administration of education abroad scholarships;
  • liaising with external providers of education abroad opportunities;
  • assistance with coordination of risk management activities;
  • assistance with data gathering and reporting.
Name Email Phone
Marcia Crippen 706-542-2900
Amanda Sommer El-Kadi 706-542-2900
Jacklyn Fisher 706-542-2900
Colleen Larson 706-542-2900

International Residential Centers' Staff

Staff list
Name Email Phone
Samantha Burch 706-542-2244
Matthew Cutlip 706-542-7120
Maggie Perry 706-542-2228
Mary VanNus 706-542-9468

International Residential Center Administration

Staff list
Name Email Phone
Hilda María Mata 706-542-5528
Jamie McClung 706-583-0455
Stuart Minson 706-542-2269
Chris Robinson 706-542-4519
Kristine Schramer 706-542-4519

Education Abroad, Database Administrator Principal

Staff list
Coordinate aspects of the GoAboad Portal, including
  • implementation and maintenance of the Portal and its features;
  • user training and development of instructional materials;
  • advocacy regarding the Portal and its features;
  • development of new features;
  • data gathering and reporting;
  • assistance with development of custom features;
  • oversight of the website content;
  • assistance to users, as needed.
Name Email Phone
Colin McKenzie 706-542-2900

Education Abroad, Liaison

Staff list
  • coordinates visitor flow & maintains staff calendars;
  • handles office communication by phone and email;
  • coordinates student records;
  • manages program destination details;
  • maintains schedule of the state-vehicle;
  • performs standard front desk and administrative tasks.
Name Email Phone
Chalis Briae Snowden 706-542-2900

Education Abroad, Director

Staff list
Oversees operations of Education Abroad unit within the Office of International Education, including
  • academic, fiscal and health/safety oversight of education abroad programs/activities involving students;
  • development and implementation of policies and procedures;
  • coordination of student exchanges;
  • promotion of education abroad participation;
  • global curriculum integration and internationalization;
  • increase of student access to study abroad;
  • support to UGA Residential Center;
  • study abroad outcomes assessment.
Name Email Phone
Dr. Yana A. Cornish 706-542-2900

Education Abroad, Graduate Assistants

Staff list
Assist with Education Abroad activities, including
  • administration of scholarships for study abroad;
  • coordination of events;
  • marketing and promotion of global opportunities (via classroom presentations, info sessions, etc.);
  • maintenance of website content;
  • point of contact for incoming international exchange and BSMP students;
  • assistance with reporting;
  • compiling program evaluations;
  • assistance with insurance and STEP enrollment;
  • organization of library resources;
  • assistance to Director.
Name Email Phone
Elizabeth Baldwin 706-542-2900
Aubrey Crum 7065422900
Julia Steele unavailable

International Finance, Director and Assistant Director

Staff list
Name Email Phone
Leigh Knapp 706-542-2223
Gina Kurtz 706-542-1770

International Finance, Financial Analysts

Staff list
Name Email Phone
Stephen Lay 706-542-0966
Kathryn Puskarz 706-542-3349
Amanda Webb 706-542-2231

Office of International Education, Associate Provost

Staff list
Name Email Phone
Noel Fallows 706-542-2202

Office of International Education, Front Desk

Staff list
Name Email Phone
Apollonia Johnson 706-542-2900

Office of International Education, IT Manager

Staff list
Name Email Phone
Micah Cooper 706-542-2900

Office of International Education, Senior Accounting Technician

Staff list
Facilitates matters related to the CISI International Health and Travel Insurance coverage. Handles participant (students, faculty/staff) enrollment into the coverage, generation of electronic insurance documents, forwards invoices for payment to departments, and answers questions pertaining to CISI insurance enrollment.
Name Email Phone
Naomi Molina 706-542-7142