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UGA - Franklin - Advanced Music Performance in Italy : Testimonials (Alessandria)

The following program testimonial responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Final Reflection Questions
What were the most significant take-aways from your experience?
The program helped me have a better understanding of music theory and just playing in general. When I came I wasn't very confident in my playing abilities and definitely didn't have any improvising skills. Now I feel much more confident with improvisation and will continue to use that when playing the cello. I think I grew more as a musician in the short weeks that I was there than I had my entire time playing the cello growing up. Also just being in Italy and being able to go to Venice and see all those amazing buildings and sights were incredible. I had an unforgettable experience getting to know everyone and study music in such an awesome country!
— Isabella Russo, Maymester 2017
What are your words of advice to students considering this program?
Definitely take this program if you want to grow more as a musician and especially if you want to learn about jazz. It is tailored to what you want to do, so it's nice to have that flexibility in deciding what you want to learn.
— Isabella Russo, Maymester 2017
How did the experience impact you and your future educational/career/personal goals?
I really appreciate all the advice I was given in my private lessons. Now I feel like I have a more concrete understanding of what I need to do to achieve my goals and the motivation to start the process now.
— Isabella Russo, Maymester 2017