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UGA Exchange - Yonsei University : Testimonials (Seoul)

The following program testimonial responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Final Reflection Questions
What were the most significant take-aways from your experience?
The most significant take-away was just the fact that I was immersed in a completely different country with a completely different language and a completely different culture. In this, I was able to speak, write, and act like a Korean.
— Shan Won, Spring 2016
What are your words of advice to students considering this program?
Definitely do study abroad. You will meet different students from all over the world. Get out of your comfort zone and try and explore a place that you thought you would never find yourself. Those were my best experiences: I found myself on top of a mountain with the most breathtaking view and jet skiing along the han river.
— Shan Won, Spring 2016
How did the experience impact you and your future educational/career/personal goals?
I want to come back to Korea in the future to possibly live. This is such a beautiful place full of life and creativity!
— Shan Won, Spring 2016