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UGA Exchange - Heidelberg University : Testimonials (Heidelberg)

The following program testimonial responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Final Reflection Questions
What were the most significant take-aways from your experience?
For one, my German improved significantly while I was in Heidelberg. But I think the most important thing I gained was independence and confidence from living away from home. It sounds cliched, but being so far away from my support system in the United States forced me to problem solve on my own and gain skills and develop confidence I otherwise wouldn't have for a long time.
— Sophie Binney, Academic Year 2016
What are your words of advice to students considering this program?
Just apply. You won't regret it. Heidelberg is a wonderful city and it's situated in a great place if you want to travel. There are also many other exchange students at the University of Heidelberg, and the administration is pretty used to dealing with them, so there's assistance if you need it. Also, if you're not applying for an apartment through the university administration (Studierendenwerk), start looking for housing as soon as possible. Because of the sheer amount of students in Heidelberg housing is limited and can be expensive.
— Sophie Binney, Academic Year 2016
How did the experience impact you and your future educational/career/personal goals?
I definitely want to go back to Germany at some point, and I'm thinking seriously about moving there permanently or even getting my master's there. And if I do decided to move to Germany, I have friends and connections who can help me with the transition.
— Sophie Binney, Academic Year 2016