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UGA Exchange - Lancaster University : Testimonials (Lancaster)

The following program testimonial responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Final Reflection Questions
What were the most significant take-aways from your experience?
There is absolutely nothing like living in and experiencing a brand new culture and way of life. It changes you as a person in ways that are indescribable.
— Finley Anderson-Dircks, Spring 2017
What are your words of advice to students considering this program?
Go! You can make it happen financially even if you end up living on peanut butter and ramen! If you have any desire to travel, take the opportunity to study abroad and live somewhere else for as long as possible--you'll never get another chance like this.
— Finley Anderson-Dircks, Spring 2017
How did the experience impact you and your future educational/career/personal goals?
I now have friends all over the world and know that my future career will have to be international in nature. I fell in love with travel and hope to one day become an international human rights lawyer. If I could move back to the UK and stay there forever, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
— Finley Anderson-Dircks, Spring 2017