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UGA Exchange - ETH Zurich : Testimonials (Zurich)

The following program testimonial responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Final Reflection Questions
What were the most significant take-aways from your experience?
Although I can babble regarding all the little moments that became teaching experiences, there are two things that that succinctly summarize the biggest take-aways from this study abroad program: learning what I value most and learning to take care of myself.
When you're faced with an entirely new culture, you begin to question your perspective on things and whether or not you should continue to view the world in the manner that you have been doing.
Secondly, caring for yourself is not a matter of just eating right and exercising; you must be in tune with your emotional, mental, and physical needs because no one else will do that for you. You'll make friends wherever you go; however, no one will knows what you need besides yourself.
— Lillian Leibu, Spring 2017
What are your words of advice to students considering this program?
I would advise that they ask for help !!! Even if they think they don't need it. Reach out to people. Ask questions. Stay strong.
— Lillian Leibu, Spring 2017
How did the experience impact you and your future educational/career/personal goals?
I am returning to UGA with stronger convictions and a stronger sense of self. I know what I want, and I've gained the mental strength to push through the tough times that lie ahead in order to reach these goals.
— Lillian Leibu, Spring 2017