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UGA - Warnell - Discover Abroad: Maymester Australia and New Zealand: Animal Behavior (Green) : Reviews (Carnarvon Gorge)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Sara Joyce Kirks, Maymester 2016 Participant
This program went above and beyond my expectations. I didn't realize just how much fun I would have, how wonderful the teachers and other students would be, and just how much I would learn about the places we went to and myself.


Maymester 2017 Participant
Completely exceeded any expectation I ever had. Best experience of my life.


Macarius Mark Abdelsayed, Maymester 2016 Participant
One of UGA's biggest crowning achievements is Discover Abroad.


Maymester 2016 Participant
Discover Abroad in Australia and New Zealand is a unique learning experience because it pairs captivating landscapes with interesting related information that actually sticks to your brain.


Maymester 2016 Participant
Memories I have taken away from this trip will last a lifetime. There isn't a day when I don't look back on it and smile!


Karly Dean Garnto, Maymester 2016 Participant
I learned more than I ever could have predicted in the short, month-long span of this trip and met amazing new people while getting to see places in the world that most people could never dream of seeing in a lifetime.


Maymester 2016 Participant
"Trip of a lifetime."


Maymester 2016 Participant
I loved this study abroad! I got to experience things I could never experience in the States, and it was worth every penny.


Omama Ashraf Rahmany, Maymester 2016 Participant
Every moment was a once in a life time experience


Samira Chandrahas Dani, Maymester 2017 Participant
My expectations were blown away by this trip. It was definitely one of the best trips I have ever been on in my life so far, and it was life-changing.


Maymester 2017 Participant
Stepping out of your comfort zone ensures a happy experience, but jumping out of your comfort zone gives you a whole new definition of happiness.


Maymester 2017 Participant
Enjoy every second. Focus on your schoolwork when the time comes, but remember that you only have this opportunity once. Enjoy every opportunity that is given to you, make friends with everyone in your cohort. They will become family and this will be one of the best experiences of your life.


Maymester 2017 Participant
"Best way to make 30 friends and have the experience of a lifetime"


Maymester 2017 Participant
"My eyes have been opened in ways that I have never believed possible. Australia and New Zealand will always have a piece of my heart."


Maymester 2017 Participant
The study abroad program was one the best academic investments I have ever made!


Maymester 2017 Participant
This was the best decision of my life. I spent two years saving money for this trip and it was worth every penny. The experiences I was able to experience would not be available in any other situation other than this program.


Katayon Yadegari, Maymester 2017 Participant
This really was the experience of a lifetime-from the Great Barrier Reef, to the Fiordlands, to bungee jumping in New Zealand, to the Outback, to exploring Sydney- there were so many firsts and so many bucket list items to live out!