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UGA - Warnell - Discover Abroad: Fiji: Ecotourism and Sustainability : Reviews (Nadi)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Summer 2017 Participant
I loved the village home stay.


Emily Lara Gronlund, Summer 2017 Participant
Keep an open mind and be ready to meet people completely different from yourself and enjoy new adventures!


Summer 2017 Participant
An eye-opening and unforgettable experience


Summer 2017 Participant
It was eye opening to see that people who live so differently from us can be as, if not more, happy than we are.


Dallas Alexander Greene, Summer 2017 Participant
The fear of not knowing is greater than the height of any mountain and wider than width of any valley, but if you climb these mountains and explore the valleys, that fear will become a happiness that is also greater than the height of any mountain and wider than the width of any valley.


Cara Jane Steinocher, Summer 2017 Participant
Quite a different experience. The village and coral reef at your finger tips makes it worth it"