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UGA Exchange - Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU-Wien) : Reviews (Vienna)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Education Abroad
Program Evaluation
Fall 2016 Participant
I cooked almost everything I ate. If you don't want to spend all your money, I would advise you to do the same.


Madeline Nicole Anderson, Spring 2016 Participant
The style of my study abroad, an exchange, made some of these questions less relevant since most of my experiences were independent and not associated with any particular program or plans by the university.


Madeline Nicole Anderson, Spring 2016 Participant
I think this style of study abroad is great for those individuals who are very independent and want to explore/travel on their own accord. I loved not having a specific itinerary I had to adhere to because I felt I was able to make my study abroad experience truly unique and personalized to my interests and wants.


Madeline Nicole Anderson, Spring 2016 Participant
I cannot express strongly enough how much value exists in studying abroad. If you're on the edge trying to decide if you should go or not, step away from it. Do not let finances get in the way because there are so many resources to help with the costs. If you can go for an entire semester like myself, do it. Do not be scared or feel like you will miss out on life back home because everything will be the same as when you left it. What will have changed, however, is you. And for the better. You gain perspective and a greater understanding of the world around you and of yourself as an individual. There is so much opportunity for personal growth when you step away from the comfort of the culture and society you have grown up in because you are forced to think about who you are outside of such a context. Yes, you come home with all kinds of incredible photos and stories to share, but I think that, the self-discovery that is possible, is one of the most important souvenirs you take with you and will have for the rest of your life.