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Advisor Resources

Advisor Resources

How you can help students

Encourage students to plan at least a year in advance of their study abroad program and let them know it’s never too early to start thinking about studying abroad!

Finding a program:

  • First guide students to Education Abroad 101 Sessions
  • Tell students about any UGA Faculty-Led Programs within your department that might work for their major or minor
  • Visit
  • Let students know that if they find a program on their own, they need to see the Office of International Education for approval.


  • Help students identify courses that do not have a residency requirement
  • Upper level electives outside their major or minor are often easier to find abroad and get approval for
  • General Education Courses can be found abroad
  • On the Transfer Credit Approval Form you will identify how courses fit into their degree plan. If they want approval for a specific course, language class, or business course they will need to go to the department for approval.

Steps for Students

  • Attend an Education Abroad 101 Session
  • Students who are unsure about what type of program, destination, etc. should go to our Walk-in Hours. 
    • Spring 16 hours M-F 9-5pm at the OIE
    • Drop-in Tables at the MLC are Mondays and Wednesdays 1-3
  • Making an Appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor can be done online at by clicking “Make an Appointment” on the left hand side.
  • Application
    • Students should begin an application on the Go Abroad Portal. If they are doing a Non-UGA program and they cannot find an application, let them know to complete the Non-UGA General Program Application
  • Transfer Credit Approval Form
    • This should be discussed in their first appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor but please let students know that if they are doing a UGA Exchange or Non-UGA program they will need to complete this form the semester before they go abroad. This is necessary for them to receive financial aid.

Important Dates/Deadlines

  • UGA Exchanges*- September 15 for Spring semester and February 1st for Fall Semester
  • OIE Scholarship – February 15 for Fall and October 24 for Spring and Early Summer
  • Gilman Scholarship- 1st Tuesday in March and October
  • For Non-UGA Programs, Transfer Credit Approval Forms are due by:
    • Fall programs - April 15th
    • Spring programs - November 15th
    • Summer programs - April 15th

*Some deadlines may be earlier depending on the university 


Advisors can request hard copies of the above publications that will be delivered via campus mail.

Request Hard Copy Publications