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Reporting Student Travel

UGA Procedure for Global Student Mobility Activities

Education Abroad incorporates a number of student activities conducted overseas, including short-term visits, study abroad, student bilateral exchanges, and experiential learning projects, such as internships, practicums, etc. To ensure continued safe and academically meaningful international experiences for UGA students, faculty and staff should be aware of the approval processes necessary to establish and renew education abroad activities.

When Do Approval Processes Apply?

All education abroad activities recommended to students by UGA faculty or staff must be submitted by the faculty or staff member to the UGA Office of International Education for review prior to student travel. Depending on the type of education abroad activity, additional approval and partnership documentation steps may be required. Education abroad activities requiring review include, but are not limited to, faculty-led study abroad, exchange and residential center programs as well as any instance where a UGA employee facilitates international student travel or recommends a particular international activity to a UGA student.

Academic or engagement programs that invite international students to UGA, and require some form of visa sponsorship, will also need to comply with institutional criteria and standards (please click here for more information). When in doubt, please contact the Office of International Education ( or refer to the full policy governing education abroad approval requirements here.

What Approval Processes Apply?

Actions necessary to establish a new education abroad activity depend on the nature of the proposed activity. Prior to recommending any education abroad activity, faculty should complete the online form. Faculty/staff will then be contacted by the Office of International Education to discuss procedures applicable to the specific activity and situation.

In general, all education abroad activities require student registration, and many require approval and documentation through the Office of International Education. Faculty/staff should not recommend or facilitate education abroad activities without reporting them to OIE. Faculty/staff should identify the education abroad activity from the list below that describes the activity and click on the step-by-step instructions to see which procedures apply.
+ Short-term Visits (including performances)
+ Study Abroad Programs (inclusive of programs hosted at UGA Residential Centers)
+ Independent Experiences (Internships & Fieldwork)
+ Student Exchanges
+ Non-UGA Programs
+ Student Organization Activities
+ Policy on the Requirement for Faculty/Staff to Submit Education Abroad Activity for Review
+ Criteria for a non-credit/non-education abroad international activity to be UGA-sponsored